"LOVE" & "BAR" Marquee Lights  

     $100 each  or $150 for the Pair

Our marquee lights are this years must have item. They look amazing in pictures and can add a great vibe to your wedding decor. 

Manzanita Centerpiece with Crystals $35 ea       

The same 4ft silver trees we use in our crystal package can be added to any other package on a per piece basis. These beautiful centerpieces come adorned with hanging crystal strands and crystal dew drops. (already included in Crystal Package...Flower balls not included)

Name In Lights                                         $200

A custom monogram projected on the dance floor is a great way to add some personalization to your special day. Choose from one of our many templates or submit your own design and we will have it cut into a metal gobo that is then placed in one of our lighting fixtures. (already included in Platinum and Crystal Package)

Up Lighting                                                           $450 Big Room           

                                                                                                       $300   Small Room (Terrace)

Up lighting has been sweeping the nation over the last couple of years as an amazing way to transform a space and add a unique ambiance to the room. This lighting option is a great way to give the walls in room a splash of color. Our Uplighting package was designed for those clients that would like to add a touch of color to the room.  Woolard productions only uses LED Uplighting for our events so it gives the client the ability to pick from millions of different color combinations. They are also the best fixtures for this hot Vegas climate because they produce no heat and are safe for younger guests that may touch them. 

​Platinum Package                                                                  $900

The Platinum package has been the flagship "lighting only" package since Woolard productions began it's relationship with The Grove. This package will totally transform the reception space with warm washes of color on the walls and ceiling. We use high intensity fixtures to project patterns on the fabric backdrop during dinner and then the lighting technician will bring the party to life with pulsating beams of light that will keep the dance floor energized all night. Our spotlight fixtures will be used to highlight you and your guests during all of your special moments such as the grand entrance, toast and first dance. As with all of our lighting packages we are able to program the lighting colors to match your specific choice. To cap off the package we provide a custom monogram projected on the dance floor that can be created from one of our templates or you can submit your own design. This package was designed to fill the entire room with lighting effects and color washes.  

​​Crystal Package                                                               $1300

We started offering the Crystal Package in 2012 to give our clients not only an amazing lighting design but also some decor throughout the room. We had no idea it would soon become our most requested package. When putting the package together we stuck to our core principle of providing a custom designed package for a price that was affordable. We did this by combining our amazing lighting effects with crystal decor throughout the room. We chose crystals in our design because they do an amazing job of capturing the light from our fixtures and giving off a beautiful sparkle. To start we place a 4ft silver manzanita tree that is covered in crystal strands and dewdrops on each of the guest tables.

The rest of the room will be adorned with crystal curtains and chandeliers to pull the entire space together.  We use LED uplighting around the entire room that is programmed to match your specific color choice and create a color wash effect in the main seating area with fixtures that are pre mounted in the ceiling of the event space. Our intelligent lighting system will project beautiful patterns on the fabric behind the head table during dinner and then bring the dance floor to life with moving beams of light that change color and pulse to the beat of the music. Our lighting technician will be on hand all night to ensure your light show stays in cue with your event and to key specific sequences such as your grand entrance and cake cutting. Our lighting will be used to spotlight you and your guests during your formal activities toast, first dance, garter toss,etc. Last but not least we will truly customize your event by projecting a custom monogram on the dance floor. You can choose from one of our templates or if you already have a design we can create the metal disk that fits into our fixtures from that also.

Lighting and Decor Packages at The Grove

Woolard Productions and The Grove have a strong history together. Bryan and Yesenia, the owners of Woolard Productions, held their own wedding at this very unique wedding location. One of the few places in Las Vegas that actually combines amazing outdoor gardens with a beautiful reception room. Since that day Woolard Productions has been providing lighting and decor options at The Grove. The challenge for us was to provide custom lighting effects and decor at a non custom price. We accomplished this by installing some of our key lighting features into the reception area. By saving you labor costs of setting up and breaking down those key features we are able to offer many other options along with the base lighting installed in the venue. This unique arrangement allows us to create personalized lighting shows for our customers at an exceptional price that we can not offer at any of the other venues in Las Vegas. Being that all of our lighting packages are computer controlled we have the ability to match not only the lighting colors but also the locations of lighting cues during the night such as spotlighting you and your guests during your first dance and toast. The packages we have created below will save you hundreds, but if you have specific needs that we do not have listed in out packages we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote for any lighting options you can think of.

Dance Party Package                                                                $450

The dance party package was designed to focus the attention on the center of the room. Our high power lighting fixtures do an amazing job of lighting the fabric backdrop during dinner and then moving with the beat of the music during the dancing portion of your event. We initially created this package for school and corporate events but it has become popular with wedding clients that want an option to light the fabric backdrop. This lighting package also has the power to work great for day time weddings. 

AV Package                             $300 Big Room

                                                                    $200 Small Room

Our AV package is a great option for showing your slide shows or movies. For the main room we use a monitor on each side of the head table area to give each area of the room their own viewing angle. The monitors are placed on 8ft stands and connected to a DVD Player in the DJ booth. This allows us to play your video and also play the sound through the DJ's sound system. You have the option to play the presentation once or we can set it to loop for the entire night. All you need to do is supply the DVD with your presentation on it.

Lighting Package Add On's

Add these options to one of our lighting packages or order them on their own.