Wireless DMX Control Pad

This controller is for the customer or event designer that needs complete control over the lighting scheme for the entire event. It allows you to control each light individually and program multiple lighting scenes that can be changed throughout the night. The pad has a touch screen and shows are programmed as icons on the screen so changing the scenes is as easy as pressing a new icon. The rental of this controller includes the programming of multiple scenes for your event.

Includes: Wireless Control Pad / Wireless Base Station


Small Room / Suite Lighting      

This package works great for our customers that are having their events in a suite or venue with ceiling heights under 12ft tall. They are battery powered and come with a simple remote that can set the color of the lights to whatever you choose or select from one of the built in programs for color changing options. The batteries last for 15hrs and come fully charged for each event.

Includes: 18 Up Lights (3cases) and hand held remote


Up Lights come in many different forms and the type of uplight used can greatly effect the look you are trying to achieve. All of our uplighting packages are designed with the latest LED Technology and our packages are designed with your event space in mind. We offer multiple sized Up Lights so you can choose the amount and intensity of up lights to suit your event space. We also offer different control options to meet your needs from simple color selection to custom control over each light. This gives you the ability to choose a package that best matches your event and budget. 

Your premier Up Lighting Company in Las Vegas. 

Event lighting isn't just flipping a switch and turning on some lights. The purpose of lighting your event is to create an atmosphere that instantly sets the tone for your guests. Up Lighting is one of the most effective ways to transform the feel of your event space. 

‚ÄčLarge Room / Outdoor 

This package is ideal for events in large rooms with heigh ceilings or outdoor events. These lights are the workhorses of our inventory and one of the most powerfull Up Lights on the market today.  Each light is battery powered and last for 20 hrs on a single charge. The LED bulbs are RGBWA-UV giving you the most control to choose your exact color. The package includes a simple hand held remote that allows you to choose from one of the 50 pre-programmed colors or make your own color. You can also choose from different color scrolling options that work great for dancing. Since each one of these lights can be controlled via a wireless DMX signal you can also upgrade the controller for even more programming options. 

Includes: 10 Up Lights (1 case) and Hand Held Remote


                   20 Up Lights (2 Cases) and Hand Held Remote